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MIAC gives you the ruggedness and power of a Programmable Logic Controller with the flexibility and ease of programming of a microcontroller.

A MIAC can be used as a standalone PLC or as part of a CAN bus driven MIAC System.


The MIAC E-system design suit consists of a MIAC (industrial grade control unit), several expansion modules and software that allows engineers to quickly develop industrial control and data-logging systems.

  • Expansion modules available for MIAC include: Basic (TTL), Advanced, ZigBee (coordinator and router), GPS and Bluetooth. Ethernet and GSM modules will be available soon.
  • The great advantage of the MIAC E-system is that it provides a very flexible set of parts that can be used to create a vast range of electrical systems in a very short time. No programming experience is necessary and, although the system uses CAN bus communications, no knowledge of CAN bus is needed to develop the system.
  • The benefit of MIAC is that it is simple, rugged, scalable, expandable and flexible.

Please refer to the MIAC datasheet for further information about the MIAC E-system design suite.

MIAC Operation and Programming Guide Data Sheet
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Resource Date Version (Old) Type
MIAC - V3 Analogue Fix2012-01-041   
MIAC Module Communications2012-07-041   
MIAC Slave Firmware2012-07-021   
Using MIAC System with Flowcode2012-06-281   
MIAC System - Wiring Guide2012-06-271   
Intro to the MIAC System - 22012-06-271   
Intro to the MIAC System - 12012-06-271   
MIAC System Operations Guide2012-06-271   
MIAC System Flowcode Examples2012-06-271   
MIAC USB Driver2011-03-281   
MIAC Programmer2011-03-291   
MIAC patch for Flowcode v3.6.112011-03-291   
MIAC Datasheet2011-08-112   
MIAC System CAN Customisation2012-07-251   


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